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Jelly Bean on virtual box

Here’s the most expected tutorial from TechWorld and today we are going to show how to install Android Jelly Bean 4.3 on your PC using virtual box

Features of Android 4.3:

1) Support for Restricted Profiles
2) OpenGL ES 3.0 for High-Performance Graphics
3) Bluetooth Smart Ready support
4) Notification Access

1. Oracle VM VirtualBox
Download the latest version of VirtualBox from
2. Android x86 4.3 Image
Download the Android 4.3 image from


1. Install VirtualBox on your PC
2. Open VirtualBox and select New. In the dialog box enter the name as you wish and Select

i) Type : Linux
ii) Version : Other Linux
And select Next
3. In the next dialog box enter the memory size as you wish
Note : Minimum 1 GB required for Jelly Bean
And select Next
4. In the next dialog box select create a virtual hard drive now. Then select VDI and select fixed or dynamically allocated as you wish and create the virtual drive
Note : Mininimum 1 GB required for installation
5. Select Virtual device and select settings, a dialog box appear. In the dialog box select
i) Storage->Storage Tree->Empty
ii) In the attributes section select the Android 4.3 ISO file you downloaded and check Live Cd/Dvd, then click Ok
6. Then start the virtual device. In the screen select Install Android-x86 to hard disk.
7. In the next screen select Create/Modify Partition.
8. Then create a new primary bootable partition and select write. After finishing writing select quit.
9. Then install android in sda1 and select type as ext3 , choose yes for installing grub.
10. After installing remove live ISO from VirtualBox and reboot. Now you can boot into Android 4.3 .
You are done.
Cheers, enjoy….
Enjoy 🙂
For any suggestions comment.


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